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Welcome to New England Parkour, home to traceurs and traceuses from all over Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Parkour is a physical discipline inspired by human movement, focusing on fast efficient forward motion over, under and around obstacles in one’s environment. Such movement may come in the form of running, jumping, swinging, climbing and quadrupedal techniques. The goal of parkour is to adapt one’s movement to any obstacle and to prepare the body and mind for any situation.

The purpose of NEPK is to provide a space for practitioners to coordinate and meet up. If this is your first time visiting the site, read on to learn how to get involved and start training!

Joining NEPK

Head on over to the Sign Up page to create an account. Members can post on the forum, RSVP for events and jams, create their own events, join or create local training groups, write blog posts and upload photos/videos.

New to Parkour?

Frequently Asked Questions
How to Practice Parkour: A guide for those about to take the first step
Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners in Parkour

Getting Involved

The best way to get involved is to jump right in and attend a jam! Community jams are free and open to the public of all ages and experience levels. Check the Events page for a listing of upcoming jams.

Don’t see a jam scheduled in your area? Make your own. Any site member can add an event and invite other members to attend. You do not have to be an experienced practitioner to add an event, just interested in meeting others to train with. As an event creator, however, you are responsible for showing up, being the primary contact person, and ensuring a safe and respectful environment on the day of the jam.

Now get out there and train!


If you like parkour and you like to read, NEPK's resident traceuse and librarian Angie has got you covered! Head on over to the forum for her comprehensive list of books that have parkour in them, including plot summaries and reviews. Take a look, (in a book)...


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