• When I got to the “add an event” link somewhere on the about us section, the link went to an error message on ning: http://neparkour.ning.com/events/event/new

    I thought we had left that site. Is this why maybe we can’t add events?

  • How do I add an event? Can regular users, or do we post it in the forum and admins put the details up as a calendar event?

  • This weekend I presented a Parkour panel at ConnectiCon, a big pop-culture/anime/comic/sci-fi convention in Hartford. I wasn’t really sure how well it went since one of my two co-presenters couldn’t make it, and I wasn’t sure how lecture-y it was. Later in the weekend we had an unofficial jam/teaching session, which was small but had really…[Read more]

  • I’ve seen those around, but haven’t tried them myself. If you get them, let us know how it is. Here’s the run-down on one of the brands I’ve tried after giving up on regular old sneakers that I’d had lying around:

    Kalenji – The one I’ve got is Ekiden 50.
    Price – These cost around $40, shipping included. I don’t remember the exact price because…[Read more]

  • Can users add blog posts on here? It says we can on the welcome page, but I can’t seem to find an area for adding a personal blog post. I think it’s fine if the blog is just for official news, actually, but I’m just pointing out the discrepancy. If regular users can add blog posts, can you tell me how? Because if I’m missing the button,…[Read more]

  • I think that perhaps you should take a more creative approach to your on-the-ground training and look for spots that don’t involve roofs. Rooftops are more likely to get you into trouble, either because police are called (because rooftops are almost always trespassing and illegal) or because they’re inherently more dangerous. I really don’t…[Read more]

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    Parkour book review: “What We Saw At Night” by Jacquelyn Mitchard

    Three teenagers with the rare skin disease Xeroderma Pigmentosum (abbreviated XP) take up the art of parkour. XP is a genetic condition in which the skin cannot repair damage done by ultraviolet radiation. This means that they can never actually see the sun, or else their…[Read more]

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    Parkour book review: “Outlaw” by Stephen Davies

    The children of Britain’s ambassador to Burkina Faso, fifteen-year-old Jake, who loves technology and adventure, and thirteen-year-old Kas, a budding social activist, are abducted and spend time in the Sahara desert with Yakuuba Sor, who some call a terrorist but others consider a modern-day…[Read more]

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    Parkour book review: “Momentum” by Saci Lloyd

    Hunter is a privileged Citizen who is drawn to the Outsiders by their freedom of movement, an athletic pursuit known as parkour, which they use to efficiently traverse the city. This being London, they call it free running, an attempt to translate the French word for the art of movement, which…[Read more]

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    Parkour book review: “Hacking Timbuktu” by Stephen Davies

    Two England-based teens use their hacking and parkour skills to solve an ancient riddle and discover a hidden treasure while keeping away from other, dangerous treasure-seekers. Danny is a 16-year-old hacker living on his own in London who scrapes by financially with freelance IT…[Read more]

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    Parkour Book Review: “Two Foot Punch” by Anita Daher

    Two Foot Punch by Anita Daher is a teen/young adult novel about parkour. The main character is a 16-year-old traceuse named Nikki who moves to a new city along with her older brother Derek, who is also a traceur, after their parents die in a tragic house fire. Derek blames himself for the…[Read more]

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    As the arts of parkour and freerunning become ever more popular, it is inevitable that people will start writing about it…first come the newspaper articles, then the documentaries, and eventually, the books. These will be both non-fiction books, probably instructional in nature, and fiction books, where characters practice parkour and the art…[Read more]

  • Everybody’s familiar with that day-after feeling when you’ve trained too hard and you wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. There are, fortunately, many ways to prevent this from happening, and for dealing with it once it does.

    1. Don’t go all-out in the first place. This is a tough one, especially when you’re at a jam…[Read more]

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    Quadrupedal movement

    Athletes (L to R): Sammy, Kristen, Angelina, Marina
    Photographer: Angelina Carnevale
    Location: New Haven, CT

  • How do I add a youtube video to the videos section instead of uploading the file? My file is too big to upload to this site (>7MB).

  • I’m liking the new site a lot. I have a few questions, though, and I’m sure others will too, so here’s a topic for it, I guess.

    My personal questions are about the “add a location” as a separate feature from the “training grounds” thread on the forum and the hotspot map. Where does that go? What does it do? Does it get added to the map?…[Read more]

  • Good starting set for this. “Focus” highlights what goes on internally with parkour. “Movement” is a very clear picture and demonstrates good form. “Train Station Gap” shows the community of support behind all […]

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