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[BOSTON] Parkour 101 – Beginner Parkour (All ages All Levels)

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    Dylan Polin

    First Class October 18th is FREE! Come try before enrollment!

    At a Project Freerun Parkour 101 Clinic, we will introduce you to the art and world of Parkour. The philosophy of Parkour – to be strong is to be useful will be our focus and feel of the sessions, something to show how the mentality behind Parkour will apply to not only physical obstacles and challenges, but mental hurdles aswell. Students will learn the core foundation skills of Parkour, such as proper landing and rolling technique, obstacle vaulting, balance, wall running and more.

    Hosted out of Boston Ultimate Fitness, a beautiful dojo tucked away steps from South Station and Chinatown we will explore not only working in the dojo on our basic skills and fundamentals, but also take classes out to Boston-local Parkour Spots such as The Chinatown School (Josiah Quincy School), Harvard Campus and more to fully develop a wide and functional base of knowledge.

    What to Expect:

    At Parkour 101, we will be learning progressively how to move and work the techniques of Parkour to become more efficient and in control of our biggest and best possession – our bodies. You should expect and dress to be moving around freely, on all 4’s, jumping, bounding and most importantly having fun. Class structure is based on a basic formula of:

    What to Bring:

    Shoes: Bring shoes that are made for running/active wear. Think low profile, strong arch and light construction. Bad examples: Crocs, Hiking Boots, Skateshoes.

    Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing, something that wont constrict movement but also isnt baggy enough to fall off/trip over. Bring a sweatshirt to aid in some movements on ground and for outdoor sessions.

    Not necessary, but its a good idea to bring water. Some athletes bring towels for sweat, foam rollers to warm up with, and even tape for small cuts and injuries. Again, not a requirement but pack accordingly to the sport!

    General Template

    Warm up – Skill Round 1 – Skill Round 2 – Conditioning and cool down

    October 18th, 2014

    Our first lesson will be a very basic round, something to get introduced to Parkour, our warmups and movements before we take our skills outdoors or really dig deep into progressing even the most basic skills. This first class will be slow paced enough to allow anyone to jump in, and most importantly to learn the safety features of Parkour as to reduce injury in the future.

    We will end class with an optional training session outdoors, where we’d love to see you all come train freely!

    • This topic was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by Profile photo of Dylan Polin Dylan Polin.
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